Are Steroids Worth The Risk?

Steroids are substances that mimic body hormones such as testosterone. These hormones are naturally produced by the body to promote growth and development, in addition to fighting stress. Anabolic steroids are those used to rapidly build muscles and are often prescribed to patients whose growth is stunted or hindered by illness. These shouldn’t be confused with other classes of medications like corticosteroids, which are used in treating inflammation.

How Anabolic Steroids Work

anavar 3Most of them enhance rapid growth of muscle tissue, which consequently makes the user bulk up when they train. They could remain in the body anywhere between several days to even a year. The use of these substances has steadily increased in the recent past. This is due to the belief that they help boost strength, muscle mass and endurance, though these claims aren’t supported by any research.


Legal steroids can be effective and safe, as long as they’re used in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. People whose testosterone levels are abnormally low due to various reasons can benefit by taking them to restore the imbalances. Over the short term, they could relieve the symptoms without serious side effects. However, it isn’t known whether long-term use is safe.

Prohibited Substances

Steroids can also be illegally acquired from pharmacies or produced in illicit laboratories. In some cases, they could be smuggled from other countries where their purchase and use isn’t regulated. Purchasing and using such substances carries the obvious legal risks, in addition to the possibility of getting contaminated or adulterated products.


Though prescribed steroid use is considerably safe, it wouldn’t apply for anyone seeking a competitive edge in sports. Athletes who abuse them are likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes. Other potential consequences include liver and kidney tumors, high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as severe acne. Men are also prone to develop overgrown breasts while women could develop facial hair and baldness.

The substances also pose a threat to the brain. Users are reported to suffer from wild mood swings and depressions. Some experts also claim that hormones could increase aggression, though the connection here is mostly theoretical. Steroid abusers are usually more susceptible to becoming addicted to other substances like alcohol or cocaine. These are taken to counteract some of the negative consequences of taking steroids.

People who share the needles commonly used to inject these drugs are highly vulnerable to HIV. Dirty needles raise the risk of contracting liver diseases, hepatitis and bacterial endocarditis. The latter is an infection of the heart’s inner lining.


Some abusers develop the classic addiction symptoms, which include devoting more resources to acquiring the substances and continuing usage in spite of the consequences. Withdrawal symptoms are also reported when such people try to quit. Supportive treatments and medication to are used to remedy the addiction by restoring the production and function of natural hormonal systems. When looking for steroids for sale, it’s worth considering that using them for nonmedical reasons carries several risks that far outweigh the potential benefits.!/profile/legalroidsorg/stories,154146/all