Are Prohormones Better Than Steroids?

Prohormones are supplements, often natural, that are designed to trigger increased production of a certain hormone. This helps in various ways that include combating infertility, aiding muscle development, improving mood and managing PMT symptoms. As such, they work by managing and altering hormones in the same ways that steroids do, but without using artificial hormonal supplements.

Steroids vs. Prohormones

trenbolone 3Simply put, a steroid is an artificial version of a hormone that’s created to resemble its functioning. On the other hand, prohormones work by triggering increased production of the said hormone. They’re technically defined as substances that convert into active steroids. These are made using naturally occurring substances extracted from herbs, minerals and vitamins. Conventional anabolic steroids don’t require any conversion in form for the effects to become prominent.

Numerous studies have been done on the effects of steroids, both legal and illegal. Most of these reports claim that these substances aren’t recommendable for use, despite their benefits. Some documented effects of anabolic steroids include high blood pressure, aggression, impotence, hair loss and even death. Moreover, these substances are classified as controlled, which means that there are legal consequences of possessing them illicitly.

Generally, prohormones are much safer alternatives to steroids. Because they work with the body’s natural functioning, they don’t carry too many pronounced side effects. They’re also cheaper, easier to acquire and mostly legal. Better still, they don’t require injection into the body as is the case with most steroids.

Do Prohormones Carry any Side Effects?

Like with anything else however, these substances carry their own distinct drawbacks. Common side effects include acne, increased water/oil retention by the skin, diminished libido and depression.  A lethargic feeling, commonly known as a post-cycle crash, can also occur as testosterone levels plummet in the body. During this period, there’s a possibility of losing the acquired muscle mass.


Pro hormones work by mildly altering the body’s chemical makeup in order to remedy certain symptoms. However, these substances are relatively untested, and excessive use could be dangerous. As such, it would be prudent to explore other natural alternatives, preferably while following some guidance from a doctor or medical professional. If these don’t work, one could start with small doses then gradually buildup to a safer level. It’s also worth remembering that even the best steroids won’t produce any results if one fails to follow up with proper diet and training regimes. The same case applies for most prohormones.